Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Good Muffin and Red Leaves

I love muffins...
especially for breakfast
which is my favorite meal of the entire day.

I like either savory...with peppers, bacon and cheese

THIS particular recipe is one of those that you can add
anything you want....(and I did add  a bit more SUGAR and CINNAMON)

Since I am living alone now,
I don't go to the grocery store as often....
and I was out of almost everything I needed for these muffins.

The only fruit I had was grapes and I am pretty sure those wouldn't
be good in a muffin.
No milk....
but, melted butter, egg, sour cream and water...
with a little Vanilla and PECANS
made them taste GREAT.

 I have kept my poinsettia from last Christmas
and it has really grown tall....

All at once, a few of the leaves are turning red.

(I think this red leaf looks a bit like a HEART..)
I think you are supposed to put them in a dark place for ALL
of the leaves to turn red 

I'm scared to do it..! ! !
*I am SUCH a sissy girl...

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Tale of Two Tables

Some of my friends may remember that I bought
a vintage wicker table not long ago.

I have intentions of doing a light gray wash on the wicker
but haven't done it yet...

 I am using it in it's original state for the time being...
Mr. Sweet looked and looked for just the right small table
to go beside his recliner.
It had to be small as the space for it wasn't all that large..
this tiny table HAD to have a tiny drawer
for his treasures like
a little pocket knife...
a pair of nail clippers and an Emory  board...
2 or 3 paper clips...
3 or 4 hard candies...
you know,
and a tiny shelf below for....

And, of course, my orders were,
"Now....don't spend very much money."

Well, to make a long story short,
I found just what he had asked for...
not much money

but a LOT of ugly.
He thought it was ugly, too
but he loved that it meet all his requirements...

When he passed away,
the main thing I couldn't look at without crying was his leather recliner.
Our son, DAVID, moved it out and I have no idea where. thankful to have it gone.
I knew that chair would never be the same without Mr. Sweet.

for some reason UNKNOWN,
I kept the little cheap, ugly table...   

 and I am using it right there between my black and white chairs....
I don't even have the desire to paint it to try for a pretty makeover....
maybe in the spring...

It has a tiny tray that pulls out,
just the perfect size for a mug or glass.....

This is what I have on top of the little ugly  table
and for some reason,
I have no desire to replace it with another table right now.