Thursday, February 22, 2018

Magnolia paint....

 ...even her paint can is cute !!

I was tickled to see that MAGNOLIA was printed on the paint stick.

It's way too cute to stir paint with 
so I started searching places to show off the cuteness...
Here it's tucked in a drawer of my Wine Server....
when actually,
there is only a few bottles of wine there... 
♥ ♥ ♥
Meyer Lemon Raspberry Skinny Syrups
Utterly Sensational Cloudy Lemonade....
both sooo good.

 even the one in the Mackenzie*Childs wine sack
is a sugar free flavoring syrup.... 
Mr. Sweet bought this adorable wine sack for me
and one for our girl, Stacy
and one for our daughter in luv, Kathy.
He was such a sweet and thoughtful man....and I miss him !!

I got off track a bit there so...
back to "where to show off my Magnolia paint stick"

I COULD put it in this cute wire basket...

...or it might look cute here...

I'll leave it here, for the time being.
♥ ♥ ♥
I haven't found a painter yet to help me with the painting of the 
shutter room divider.
As soon as I do, I will be so happy and will share it with YOU.

LOVE, bj

Monday, February 19, 2018

Oh....The Pinkness of it All

I've been reading and hearing about 
 being THE color to add to our homes and wardrobes 
this spring and summer.

THIS is why I love neutral colored walls and furniture.
If it be PINK


It's so easy to get the added color we choose by adding 
and so on.
Do you agree ?
 Here's a few PINKS
 in one of my new catalogs.....

 While this one is a bit busy for me,
it sure makes a pretty photo.

... flowers in PINK always freshen a room
and especially if it might be a nearly ALL white room. 

 Now, if I could have "summer and winter" furniture 
that I could change with the season, 
I would LUV this chair.
I love florals....but maybe not all year long.

I do love the lighter, softer pinks...

I'm pretty sure I am going to be on the lookout for a pink pillow or two....
I use a lot of turquoise during the summer months and a
soft pink will kick it all up a notch.

I REALLY like the soft pink mohair throw .....

I am so loving this adorable PINK journal and
take note what's printed on the front...

Only my sweet beautiful girl, STACY, can find things
that she knows will please me to the end of the world.